Friday, June 29, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

The moment I found out we were having a girl I knew I was in deep trouble for narrowing down ideas for a nursery. A boy is easy, blue, green, brown. But with girls you have endless options. I think it is pretty common knowledge that nursery design is really more for mom than for baby, so trying to decided on a theme was going to be difficult. I decided to not go with a theme and just fill LL's room with things I loved and that jumped out at me. Being my crafty  and budget friendly self I pretty much knew almost everything was going to be DIY. Today I started collecting together a little inspiration before I started tackling each project.


Cannot wait to see it all come together!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Letters to Laura Lynn - June 19th, 2012.

Laura Lynn,
Little girl, I cannot even begin to tell you how much you have changed our lives already. I never knew I could love someone so much that I have never even met, but you my little belle have grabbed your mother’s heart strings from the inside and are pulling hard.
Yesterday we had our first ultrasound and discovered that the little boy we thought was growing inside me was actually you, our little girl! The ultrasound technician tricked us. She started your scan and told us that your knees were closed (what a little lady you are) and that we likely wouldn’t be able to tell if you were a boy or a girl. We had been counting down this appointment for weeks, so the idea that we could leave the hospital still not knowing who you were really upset me. She continued your anatomy scan, told us your brain looked big and healthy, your heart was beating strong, and your little belly was perfectly round. We watched your hands reach out, and your little legs stretch, and Mimi tried to count the toes on your feet. You were the prettiest little thing I had ever seen. Twenty minutes went by and we still didn’t know who you were. The ultrasound tech moved down to your hips and said “No wonder she has HER little knees together!” Mommy looked at her and said “HER?!” and she nodded with agreement. And that is when it became very clearly that I knew all along I had wanted you to be a girl more than anything. Your daddy will tell you that mommy has always been a bit of an emotional basket-case, which is mostly true, but I can tell you that the emotion I felt when the tech told us you were a little girl was the biggest high I have ever felt in my entire life. I was floating on a cloud!

I broke down, probably made a very ugly crying face, and just sat there drowning in tears because I was so excited! Our whole life together flashed before my eyes. I pictured your little dark brown curls, and your big brown eyes, and a smile that melts my heart just like your daddy’s does. I pictured holding you in my arms, barely able to crawl, and reading you stories. I envisioned you walking to me, taking your first steps, and snuggling next to me watching Cinderella dance at the ball. I pictured us walking through the mall, likely having some retail therapy after a boy had broken your heart. I saw you standing in your cap and gown at your high school graduation, while mommy and daddy sat in the crowd like the proudest parents you have ever seen. And I saw you in your wedding dress, a vision in white, and the most beautiful girl in the world. I gave your daddy a big kiss, and thought about how absolutely adorable you were going to look in his  arms as a baby, and how breathtaking you would look as he walked you down the aisle.

Your Auntie Stacy was there too, and you brought her to tears. What you don’t know yet is that Auntie Stacy has the keys to the Kingdom, the big one where the mouse lives and I know she cannot wait to take you and show you all the magical things Disney has to offer. And you will learn just like I did as a little girl, that Disneyworld truly is a magical place, it is after all where I met your dad (just the Disney for big kids!) Mimi and Papa, and Aunt Bunny were there too. Aunt Bunny told me she was going to teach you all kinds of cuss words…I shot her a dirty look, of course, but you are going to love your Aunt Bunny, I won’t tell you why, but you will learn soon enough.
After our ultrasound we took you on your first shopping trip. Auntie Stacy could barely control herself, and you my little girl now have 13 brand new outfits. As we were walking through the mall we started to talk about names. Daddy has been telling me from the beginning that he knew what your name would be, but he wouldn’t tell me until we knew whether you were a little boy or girl. I think I was more excited to hear his names than to find out the gender! When he told me he wanted to name you Laura Lynn, I knew instantly that that is who you were. We didn’t even need to talk about names anymore, Laura Lynn was perfect, my little southern belle. Laura Lynn is your grandma’s middle names and she was so honored when we told her we would be naming you after her. Lynn is also your Auntie Stacy’s middle name, so she was equally as thrilled.

I had the best time watching daddy pick out your outfits. You really are the luckiest girl in the world to have him as a father, try not to take advantage of the fact the he is obviously going to do anything for you. He has excellent taste in little girl’s clothes! Most daddies would just nod and smile and go along with it, but not your daddy, he knows how special his little girl is and I feel comfortable now knowing he will never let you leave the house looking a mess. You are going to be the most stylish little girl on the planet.

Watching daddy fall in love with you has been the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. You are his little princess and I can tell you right now, that man is going to move mountains for you. You have already changed us in so many ways, and now that we know who you are, we cannot wait for November to get here! You my little sweet girl, have love coming at you from every direction and I can imagine you will never go a day in your life without knowing how loved you are by so many people. I love you Laura Lynn, always and forever.
Love, your mama.
June 19th, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

A belle or a beau?

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what our little belle is made of!

We cannot wait to meet you Laura Lynn.
You are the little southern belle mama has been dreaming of for a very long time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

19 Weeks Update

Wow, 19 weeks! I cannot believe I am really almost halfway there. Time is just flying by...and I have a feeling that that is pretty much the norm when it comes to parenting and motherhood.

I am feeling all hearts and butterflies these days!

How far along?  19 weeks and 1 day (but who is counting?)
Total weight gain/loss?  I am finally gaining! Never thought I would be happy to say I had gained weight. It is a measly 2lbs up, but I am happy to finally enjoy eating again.
Maternity clothes?  Same as before..about half and half. I have discovered the belly band and I am hopelessly in love.
Stretch marks? No stretch marks, but man am I itchy! Still loading up on the cream.
Sleep?  Sleep is becoming more and more irritating. I am in bed by 8:00pm everynight but for the life of me I cannot fall asleep and stay asleep. I spend more time getting in and out of bed to pee than anything. SO ANNOYING.
Best moment last week? Feeling beanarino MOVE!! And I mean really move. Baby moves while I float in the pool, or laying in bed, so obviously my little gymnast does not like it when I lay on my ass. Last night I felt the baby shift from my left side to my right side and man was that weird!
Movement?  So yea, little wiggle worm...
Food cravings?  Strawberries, peanut butter, and tacos!
Gender? At this point I have no clue. I was so positive I knew it was a boy, but lately I have been thinking maybe a girl. We find out Monday so expect a post!
Labor signs? None.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night, but I might as well kiss that goodbye for another 18 years or so.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out what kind of parts the little Bean has!
Milestones: Felt much more movement.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been struck by the happiness bug. It must be those wonderful pregnancy hormones, but I swear it is a rare day if I am not crying on my way to work while I am enjoying a little alone time with my future son or daughter. We have been having long conversations about the future..well really I have been talking to myself, but I tell little Bean how much we already love him/her and how he/she is the best thing to have ever happened to us, second to finding each other. There is a beautiful evolution into becoming a mother. Nature knew what she was doing by giving us mama's in the making 9 whole months to mentally prepare for the complete identification change that comes with being a mom. I already feel like I don't remember much before I was pregnant. The past 5 months have put me in the 'I am going to be a mom' mindset, and it is hard to remember life before I thought about much else, hence all the crying.

Being a mom has got to be one of the most incredible gifts that comes with being a woman. I think constantly about what our child will be like, whether he will be opinionated and passionate like his father, or whether she will be creative and love life as much as her mama. I feel so connected to this little life inside of me that I cannot imagine life without our child, and they haven't even made their arrival! My views on almost everything have changed. My plans for my own future have evolved into what I think will be best for my little family. It is true that being a mother makes you selfless, but I never realized how much I would want to give up for our child, a little human I have never even met.

All I know is the moment I felt our little one move inside of me is the moment that I knew I would move mountains for that little nudger, no matter what it takes.