Thursday, May 31, 2012

17 weeks!

Here is a little 17 week update!

Aaron and I took a small day trip to Daytona Beach last Sunday for some much needed R&R. We also just happened to pick going on the day Tropical Storm Beryl came through. We managed to snag a few hours of sunshine before Beryl moved in and brought the rain.

Wow, 17 weeks, how did we get here? Just a few more weeks until we know whether our little Bean is a bambino or bambina. My bet is still on a boy!

How far along?  17 weeks, 1 day
Total weight gain/loss?  Ironically, I am still 6lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight, but the bump is growing.
Maternity clothes?  Yes and no. Most of my jeans/pants still fit if I wear them lower, but I am finding I am more and more comfortable in maternity clothes.
Stretch marks? No stretch marks, using my cream daily!
Sleep?  I could have slept all day everyday during my first trimester. Now that the second is in full swing sleep is getting more and more scarce. I am waking up a lot in the middle of the night, and have been having awful dreams.
Best moment last week? Hearing a strong healthy heartbeat at our 16 week appointment last week at the Birth Center. Best sound I have ever heard.
Movement?  No movement yet. I randomly think I feel flutters, but I think that is just my tummy grumbling for more food.
Food cravings?  Strawberries, peanut butter, and salad.
Gender? Do not know for sure yet, but I am still thinking a boy!
Labor signs? None.
Belly button in/out? In, but thanks to round ligament pain that belly button of mine is hurting lately.
What I miss: Having energy, not having headaches if I don't drink enough water, and being able to run or walk without getting winded after 5 minutes.
What I am looking forward to: Having a little more energy, and finding out what we are having!
Milestones: Nothing big this week. Very happy the nausea is almost completely gone though!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Webster says...

Sympathy weight: When a man puts on weight during his partners pregnancy, to match her baby bump, so that she doesn't feel she is getting fat.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Letters.

Dear french fries and honey mustard,
Let's be friends forever.

Dear nausea,
They were right, this actually won't last forever. I will not let you kill me. I am over this relationship. Peace out.

Dear Christian Grey,
Why must you be such a wonderful distraction from the pile of Bradley Method books on my coffee table?

Dear man of mine,
You are the best. Your house cleaning, dinner cooking, laundry doing superpowers have not gone unnoticed. Watching you completely relax on the beach this weekend warmed my heart. You are essentially my hero.

Dear St. Augustine beach,
I love everything about you. Let's meet again soon shall we?

Dear running shoes,
I am almost there, hold on just a little longer!

Dear Nehi Orange Sode,

Dear Florida summertime,
I think this is the first time in forever that I have looked forward to wearing a bikini. I am rocking the bump like a proud woman. I cannot wait to wear the three new Victoria Secret bathing suits I have ordered.

Dear Erin Condren Life Planner,
I knew we would get along perfectly. You're the cutest thing ever.

Dear Bean,
As always, you are the star of the show.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Run Across America

Yesterday I had my first maternity shoot with Kimberly Long from Lilly-Lou photography. I have a feeling the pictures are going to come out amazing and cannot wait to share them! Kim is an extremely talented new photographer in the Ocala area. Check out here website!

Yesterday was a cool day for me. As a runner, I get super excited about things regarding running in the news, and yesterday I got to see it live! I got to spot John Pyles!

John Pyles is an ultra-distance runner, and is running from San Francisco to Key West in an effort to raise $1 million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project. John is 55 and has run over 70 marathons and ultras and is a huge inspiration for runners everywhere.

Yesterday on the way home from work I spotted him on 441 in Ocala running with his flag.

At 14 weeks pregnant, you are desperately making me miss my running shoes. Take a hike nausea, I've got some running to do.

Keep it up John, you rock!

Check out his map and story on their website...

We are headed to St. Augustine tomorrow for a nice little weekend away with my family and I am looking forward to some sun, sand, and a drink in my hand (minus the alcohol of course).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls Night Gone Solo

Tonight I've got the house to myself. Can you hear the angels singing? Aaron is off riding go-carts with some friends, which I absolutely hate to do, so I opted for a night to myself. I am going to cherish as many of these nights as I can because come November, nights like these will be next to never.

I stopped by Taco Bell and indulged in some pregnancy cravings. I have a full bottle of lilac bubble bath waiting to be used. I have three new books that arrived in the mail, including a baby naming book! Now to find a highlighter. I've got a clean pair of flannel cute pj's and an evening line-up of all my favorite trashy girly shows including Millionaire Matchmaker, Vampire Diaries, and Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding. Do not judge me.

And I completely confess that I just downed a delicious plate of Nachos Bell Grande. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want another.

This night could literally not go any better. Well unless I had wine. Damn you Bean.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little perspective.

I wanted to share something that happened yesterday at work that really broke my heart. I've been working in healthcare for about six years now, and I have seen the best and worst in people in that time. I usually do not share stories from work because I try and leave work at work, and not let it bother me, but with the pregnancy hormones, it is hard to control  at sometimes.

No names are mentioned for obvious privacy reasons.

A woman sat in our neurlogy waiting room, a new patient to the practice, and she sat pen in hand ready to tackle the pile of paperwork the office required of her. I watched her out of the corner of my eye and could see with every line of questions she became more and more frustrated. She has Parkinson's disease, a condition that includes symptoms of shaking extremeties, which if you can imagine can make just about everything difficult to do. Her hands were shaking badly, and she rustled in her purse, trying to disguise the problem she was facing. I continued to watch her as the tears started rolling down her cheeks. She looked completely defeated that something that used to be a trivial task, like filling out a form, was now next to impossible. Our hospital has the most amazing volunteers, and the volunteer working the current shift raced over to her, offered her a tissue, and sat and talked with the patient. The volunteer explained to the neurology office that filling out the forms just wasn't going to happen, she offered the patient a glass of water, and sat with her until time for her appointment. I am proud that we have such caring volunteers, that can be there for our patients, but it broke my heart to see her in such desperation. Above being frustarted, she was embarressed, and kept apologizing for a condition she has no control over. She felt like a burden.

I think we forget sometimes how hard growing old can be. Since I work in an area majorly populated with elderly people, I get to see everyday how hard it is. Many of these people are alone, or don't have a good support system. They struggle to do things on a daily basis that we do without a second thought.

So take a second and count your blessings for being able to put on your shoes this morning, or brush your teeth. Watching her gave me perspective and I will definitely count a few more of my blessings before bed tonight.

Natural Mama

Today marks the beginning of my second trimester, and I cannot be more thrilled that we are here. Finding out we were pregnant at five weeks made this day seem like it would never come. Things I am looking forward to with the second trimester include an ease in morning sickness (hopefully), hearing a strong heartbeat at our next appointment, feeling flutters and movement, and finding out the sex of our little growing bean.

More than anything this pregnancy has been a learning experience. I’ve compared it to buying a car, getting a license and getting in the driver’s seat for the first time only to realize not only do I have no clue how to drive, but I don’t know my way around this city. Some days I feel like a deer in headlights. So I do what I always do when I feel unprepared, I read. I read and read, and research the extent of the topic until my eyes bleed. I don’t like to feel ill-equipped for the things that are ahead of me. I’ve watched videos, rented documentaries, read baby books, and scoured the internet to answer every possible question that springs into my mind. My thoughts are consumed with preparation. Along the way I have consumed so much information that my thoughts and views on birth have changed drastically. I learned I have more choices and more options when it comes to the birth of our child.
With those options came the controversial choice of natural child birth. I immersed myself in everything I could learn about natural childbirth. My quest was motivated by two simple truths, 1) women have been birthing children without medication or intervention for thousands of years and 2) our bodies are 100% designed for this experience. The more I read, the more I crave for natural birth. I try and keep in mind that most women may think I am just crazy for not choosing a more painless option, but my reasons for choosing a natural birth are just as strong as their reasons for not wanting one. Birth is not supposed to be scary or a medical emergency and I have read first hand interviews from medical students that will tell you that they are ONLY trained for pregnancy emergencies. Many of them never even learn or assist on a normal natural birth in their time in residency. As clinicians they are prepared for something to go wrong and how to react when it does. Like good physicians, they are standing at the bedside, watching your labor, and looking and searching for any sign that they need to intervene. That is not the experience I am looking for.
Natural childbirth comes with all kinds of methods to the madness. I have chosen to go with something called the Bradley Method which focuses on partner participation, healthy diet during pregnancy, and promises a physically and emotionally fit mama-to-be that is ready to take on the marathon of labor.  I read a quote in one of my Bradley Method books that clarified it all for me. It says “Labor is like swimming, and doctors are the lifeguards.” Think of all the babies born in rural areas, outside of hospitals, without medical intervention. Yes, I 100% agree that having some type of clinician present is necessary, whether it be a doctor or in our case a midwife, but how many births go completely unassisted? Our bodies are designed to do this and the body does not care whether or not a doctor is present is a shiny white hospital room. He/she is coming out when they are good and ready.
I am also a firm believer in letting things work themselves out, and this mindset has played a vital role in my choice for a natural birth at a birth center. I don’t want to rush things, I don’t want to be induced, and outside of an extreme emergency, I want our little bean to come out when he or she is good and ready. The natural chemicals involved in birth like Oxytocin are present in our bodies for a reason, and I feel no need to supplement them in any way to get things moving at a pace that is convenient for someone else. My baby and I are going to do this on our own time.
To me birth is a very spiritual and emotional process. It’s the one moment in your life that you are going to be the most connected with your child, and the most in tune with your body and mind. I think your mind has a huge control over how you react to a situation. Birth in America is seen as a feared, painful, and terrifying experience, one that women dread for months before it happens, and some even years before they even try to conceive. I grew up knowing birth was going to be a horrendous experience. I’ve got about 7 months left to change that belief. What I do believe is that you may not be able to control what things happen to you, but you can control how you react to them. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous, anxious, and excited about birth. I am excited for the opportunity to challenge my body and my mind more than I ever have before. I am excited to be proud of myself for accomplishing something that a lot of people have told me I can’t. I am excited to endure the sacrifice of becoming a mother.
Being a natural mama is my choice. I’m new at this, and completely inexperienced but I am preparing and planning for the experience I want.  I expect a lot of questions, and a few rolling eyes in the next 7 months, but I can assure you one thing, outside of any unexpected case of emergency, I am going to do this the way I want to.
And having a sweet man by my side, who supports  my decision for our child 100% makes it so very worth it.
And the little notes he leaves me helps too….