Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Letters

Dear next door neighbor,
I am not sure why you think it is perfectly acceptable to walk around our backyard, and go through our trash but cut it out.  Cannot wait to move once our lease is up!

Dear creepy chiropractic office,
The 36 pictures of crying bloody Jesus in your office was a little overkill, but asking me if I was going to raise my child in the Jewish faith was seriously crossing the line. How are you still even legally operating your practice?

Dear trick or treaters,
The fact that none of you came to our doorstep is a problem because now we have 95 pieces of chocolate desperately needing to be eaten,  and there is only so much this pregnant girl can handle.

Dear house,
Clean yourself.

Dear laundry,
Same goes for you.

Dear colder weather,
I am so happy you have finally given this Florida girl a reason to get bundled up in boots and scarves.

Dear husband,
Thank you for massaging my sausage toes every night to keep the swelling under control.

Dear pumpkins,
You are my favorites, ever.

Dear tomorrow,
I am so excited you are finally here because you are bringing with you my last official day of work before maternity leave. Looking forward to 9 weeks of mommyhood.

Dear baby girl
I cannot wait to meet you,  but if you gave mommy a few days to rest before you're arrival, I would greatly appreciate it!

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