Wednesday, October 3, 2012



How far along?  35 WEEKS :)

Total weight gain/loss?  30LBS. Man, that was hard to swallow! With 5 more weeks to go I am estimating another 5lbs in weight gain. I really thought I would struggle with this part of pregnancy, but I just remind myself that this all part of the process and it is all healthy for our baby girl. 

Maternity clothes? Wearing maternity clothes almost exclusively. And yoga pants, lots of yoga pants.

Stretch marks? No REAL stretch marks. I have a few small spots on my hips, but they actually got lighter from last week.

Sleep?  Sleep is a science these days. They key to a good night's sleep for me is starting out in bed alone, which works out ok since Aaron likes to stay up a little later. I also have to very strategically places our pillows in order to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. It's quite the process every night, not to mention having to re-do everything after getting up 20 times a night to pee.

Best moment last week? Having some maternity pictures done with my good friend Jynelle. She also shot our wedding pictures. 

Movement? Dear lord, I feel like a punching bag. Little miss is all over the place. I have gotten some very funny videos this week of all her movement. My stomach looks posessed from the outside.

Food cravings? Chocolate milk!

Gender? Baby girl.

Labor signs? Still none. I keep waiting on these Braxton Hicks everyone keeps talking about, but so far nothing.

Belly button in/out? Still in.

What I miss: Having functional ab muscles. I keep forgetting to roll out of bed and insist on still trying to pull myself up by my stomach muscles, which results in instant round ligament pain. Not fun.

What I am looking forward to: Our next baby appointment next Tuesday. Now we are on weekly visits! Holy cow!

Milestones: No big milestones this week, just smooth sailing.

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